What is it?

On the day of your event, the crew arrives, they build the set, teach you a little bit about how movies are made, and then your cast will help finish the script! Then it’s time to learn the blocking, practice the lines, and, finally, it’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, and ACTION! The Director and Producer help the cast every step of the way! It’s easy and pressure free and super fun for people of all ages!

Once production is complete, the cast gathers for a picture and then they’re off to enjoy the wrap party! The production crew hangs back and gets to work printing and framing your customized cast pictures and the personalized scripts your cast helped create especially for your star or special event!

They strike the set and exit stage left!

The Green Screen Dream Scenes Production Team takes a few days to edit the footage and produce the most epic movie ever! You’ll get the downloadable copy within 3 business days and your custom DVDs will go out from our studio back lot within 5 business days!



What You’ll Receive With The Blockbuster Event Package:



What You Do As Executive Producer:

  • You Provide the Cast (party prices cover casts up to 8. For more please inquire before booking at 630-233-4947.)
  • You ensure you have or can clear a space large enough to accommodate our 15 foot wide Green Screen backdrop, our 2 person crew, and your cast!
  • You encourage the cast to attend your event in costumes to match your story theme above. Example: Everyone comes as a knight if you pick the Script “The Knights That Tamed The Dragon” (NO GREEN clothes whatsoever! Whites/lighter colors don’t display well on certain backgrounds, either. If possible, please dress in darker colored clothes!)
    Special Props to fit your script selection. Example: If you pick “The Princess and the Troll” script, make sure all of the party guests come dressed as Princesses!
  • You provide the Wrap Party Activities (Cake, Presents, Games…whatever you want to make this the best event ever!) We bring one (1) activity: the Cast Picture Frame Decorating Activity. You provide any others you like!


What We Do At A Typical Event:

  • 30 minutes before event: The Production Crew, (1) Director and (1) Producer, Arrive At Your Location To Build The Set (put up the green screen and lights)
  • 15 minutes after your event begins: The Crew Calls The Pre-Production Direction Meeting to Tell Gusts About How Movies Are Made and Customize The Script of Your Choice With The Help of The Cast
  • 30-45 minutes into party: The Production Crew Leads Your Cast Through Wardrobe, Blocking (learning where to stand on set), and, of course, rehearsal
  • 45-60 minutes into party: Production – Lights, Camera, Action on Your Green Screen Dream Scenes!
  • 60-70 minutes: Post-Production Cast Picture
  • 75-120 minutes: Cast Exits Set For The Wrap Party + Activity (cake, games, refreshments, presents)
  • 120-150 minutes after start of party: Cast Pictures Distributed in Themed Frames they decorate! The Crew Strikes The Set And Exits The Lot.
  • Within 3 Business Days of your event, your downloadable movie is distributed!
  • Within 5 business days of your event, your cast DVDs are mailed out from Green Screen Dream Scenes Studios!




 Pick a Plot:

 Reserve Your Date:

Please note: Reservations cannot be held without a successful reservation charge of $50 payable at the time of your reservation via the form below or by phone at 630-233-4947.  This fee is 100% refundable in the event of a cancellation provided you cancel more than two weeks from the event date.  After you select your date you’ll be directed to pay this reservation fee via Paypal (you can use Paypal OR any major credit card). This deposit is applied toward the total Blockbuster Package Price of $299 (on the day of your event, you will be charged the remaining package balance of $249.00).

Don’t see an availability on the date you want below? Call us 630-233-4947 and we’ll see if we can add a second production crew to accommodate your Big Event Day!


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MikePic_CLM_Raw.001-300x298Green Screen Dream Scenes is an original independent release from longtime co-executive producers Jill and Mike Noonan.  The two began officially collaborating in 1999 and set up their studio HQ in Naperville, IL.  Their crew consists of four children – two boys and two girls.  Not a whole lot has gone according to script in the first run, which is how they like it!

Critics have lauded this creative team for their complimentary talents:  Jill’s art background and eye for detail after many years as a graphic designer and photographer melds with Mike’s passion for digital media creation.  His 20 years in the media business and his creative consultancy, Chicagoland Multimedia, has provided Green Screen Dream Scenes with its backbone by way of script creation and video and audio production tools, techniques, & tactics.

With so many parties to plan annually, Jill has become a master party planner over the years.  She JillPic-300x202routinely receives rave reviews for her innovative scripting, artistic set designs, exquisite costuming, precise production schedules, and budgets that always deliver big-time Hollywood production value for less!  Her creative eye, people skills, and story-telling prowess have been her calling card in both her professional life as well as in her role as mom-on-the-go par excellence!

See for yourself why Leonard Malten called these two “The Thelma and Louise of live event film making – without all the drama and vehicular recklessness”,  while Gene Shallot says, “Mike and Jill Noonan make me wish I were still alive.  They’re fab-u-lous at making parties feel like a major Hollywood release AND a feel-good, summer favorite no matter what time of the year it is!”

We believe in rewarding those who help us!  Everytime you tell someone about us and our cool service to make events in Chicagoland even BIGGER, BETTER, and GREENER than ever, we’ll give you some GREEN, too!

Here’s how becoming a Green Screen Dream Scenes Referral Partner works:

1.  Please sign up below.

2.  We’ll send you a login and password to the referral center.  Go in and generate your own personal referral link.  (There’s a quickstart video in there, so don’t worry if you’ve never done this before.  It’s super easy and takes about 6 seconds to generate your link).  We’ll also load that area up with display banners and email templates and all sorts of stuff to help you help us spread the word!

3.  Send your unique link out to everyone you know!  Everyone in your phone, your email account, on social media – anyone in Chicagoland!

4.  When someone clicks your unique link they pick up, automatically, a cookie.  This cookie links them to you in our system.  When they reserve their party down the line (whenever they decide to), YOU’LL get credit for having referred them to us!  Then we’ll send you a check!

—>When you refer someone to order a Blockbuster Event Package, you’ll make $20!<—

 Ready to get started spreading the word and making some GREEN?

It’s not Hollywood magic.  It’s totally real, totally nice to tell your friends about something as unique as this, and it’s a totally big help to us to make it worth your while to help us spread the word!

Sign up below and get referring right away today!


Green Screen Dream Scenes is a fun and flexible business for anyone – truly anyone can do this business, especially those with film/video/photography, creative, business, or a family-friendly and child-oriented service industry background!  It is a low overhead, low risk, no inventory, and high ceiling business opportunity!  You have the opportunity to clear as much as $400 on a single event, and its entirely reasonable to project 10-20 bookings a week – that’s as much as $400,000 annually, and that’s before scaling this to include 3 or more bookings in a single time slot at 3 different locations and dozens of bookings each week!  Imagine the possibilities!

We’ll give you all the tools and training you need to hit the ground running fast in your market, and help you build this into a regional powerhouse in the events space!

Depending on your experience level, you could be up and running – and profiting – with your own Green Screen Dream Scenes franchise in weeks!

Here’s what we will provide you as an authorized franchisee of Green Screen Dream Scenes!

Technical Tool Suite Specs

You’ll get the list of what we have used to design and launch this service in the Chicago market down to the serial number, where to procure these items, and what prices to expect and pay!

  • HD 1080i Video Camera
  • Pro Tripod
  • 10’x10′ Green Screen Backdrop with stand
  • Three Light Kit
  • Macbook Pro laptop
  • Printer
  • Video Editing Software
  • DVD Printing Software

 Intellectual Property

  • (7) Movie Templates Developed For You Complete with Company Graphics, Professional Movie-trailer style Voice Overs, and Royalty-Free Music and Images
  • Fully developed scripts
  • Market Exclusive Use of Trademarked Logo and all related company images
  • Market Exclusive Use of Service Marked Brand Name
  • Branded DVD Label Templates

Digital Tool Suite

  • Your Own Company Website Based on GreenScreenDreamScenes.com  (Example:  http://Dallas.GreenScreenDreamScenes.com.  (You must provide access to hosting account through Godaddy.com)
  • E-commerce Set Up Assistance -or- managed for you through the company’s Enterprise Infusionsoft account and merchant account!
  • Appointment scheduling built in to website, based on your desired hours, and integrated with your calendar!


  • Email Marketing CRM by Infusionsoft.  Campaigns fully developed for on-going branding and annual reminder emails.
  • Display ads ready-made!
  • Social Media channel set up and management


Customizable legal forms ready for your new customers!

  • Trademarks
  • Waivers and Releases
  • HR forms
  • Non-disclosure and Circumvention Agreement


Training is conducted in 3 efficient and professional phases:

1.) Orientation: overview, culture, preparation, site selection, hiring, and timeline.

2.) Management Training: financial workshops, studio operations and systems, franchisee focus and strategies.

3.) On-Going: monthly training webinars, regional performance workshops, franchisee owner networking, & annual Green Screen Dream Scenes franchise conference and summit.

On-going Support and Services

  • New Story Templates and related collateral developed quarterly.  New original scripts and video templates to compliment the (7) you get at startup, including seasonal stories to encourage holiday party bookings, etc.
  • A portion of royalties from franchisee sales are reinvested in web ads in your market on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and more!
  • You’ll have access to our password-protected, members-only community and its forum, webinars, and other resources!  This is a great way to share and swap info and tips with other franchisees!


Ideally, potential franchisees have experience in business operations/marketing management (even if it’s been for someone else’s company), creating and managing P&Ls/Balance Sheets, and managing people. Our core customers are families with kids, so you do need to be prepared to cater to and deal with the energy and enthusiasm that often accompanies parents and their children’s well-being. Lastly, you need to have the liquid assets and net worth outlined herein.

If you’re ready to embark on new career path, full or part-time, or your entrepreneurial spirit is telling you that the time is now and the place is here to graduate to a whole new level of creativity and earning potential, fill out the application below and then call us at 630-233-4947 and let’s get started on building America’s next great family brand together!