One of the most creative guys I’ve worked with

Mike Noonan is one of the most creative guys that I’ve worked with. The nationally syndicated daily radio feature that we put together was well-received by radio stations, listeners, and sponsors. This guy knows how to craft compelling content that sells….he knows how to write creative copy that sings, and the audio that he produces is top-flight all the way….Mike is a great asset!

Donny Osmond
Nightstar Entertainment
Singer, Actor, Host

Project Management with high adaptability

I’ve overseen Mike’s work at Google. Whether it’s developing documentation for a suite of products, learning how to use tools with minimal documentation, or pro-actively flagging ways to improve documentation for a particular audience, Mike’s has demonstrated incredible adaptability time and again. Highlights include:

  • Project management: Mike has delivered wholesale rewrites of external sites, being involved from inception all the way to delivering a final product. He’s interacted with stakeholders at various levels to deliver a polished end-product.
  • Adaptability: Mike started out as a writer on the team, but he’s also tackled projects like providing offline assets (presentations, PDFs) and run mass email campaigns for support teams.
Marco Hernandez
Ops Lead, gUP Content Team

An exemplary and consistent team player

I worked with Mike on content creation, management, and QA. He is detail- and customer service-oriented, adding great value to each project he touches. He’s an exemplary and consistent team player. In short, Mike is a pleasure to work with.

Nicole Premo
Head of Content Creation, gTech Users & Products

My go-to source for anything creative or business-oriented

Chaucer himself would stand in awe of the prose that pours from the pen of Mike Noonan. He is a master story-teller whose words and wit are only matched by the pitch perfect visual and aural elements his messages and content contain. Creative genius combined with a business strategist’s mind and a heart of gold put him and his creative team in rarefied air indeed. I have trusted him with the most sensitive of business proposals and projects and I have been rewarded beyond my expectations. Web, sound, video, email marketing, business plans…Mike Noonan is my go-to source for anything creative or business-oriented!

Justin Fiore
Explore Health

A creative Tour de Force

Staples may have their “Easy Button,” but I have “Mike Noonan” of RMG! Mike Noonan has provided his audio production services on two projects of mine and the results are in a word – OUTSTANDING! Mike is a “creative Tour de Force” tempered with the utmost professionalism. If you need a knowledgeable master of his craft with impeccable sound production, a powerful voice, cutting-edge creative direction and superior problem-solving abilities—there is only one right choice-Mr. Mike Noonan of Revolutionary Media Group! The finished product and your experience with Mike will keep you not only satisfied but have you coming back for more! Typically, I am an obsessive worrier by nature on all my creative projects—that is until I hired Mike Noonan. Mike, I personally thank you for taking the worry out of the entire process and continually delivering exceptional services and a great end result product! I look forward to future collaborations with you! I am proud to say Mike Noonan is the only game in town when it comes to top-notch audio and visual creative!

Garret Gray
SEECO Consultants
Project Engineer

Detail-oriented with a trained eye

Mike was instrumental in helping produce a training video my team and I were creating. He advised on the storyboard, script, coached us on the recording and edited all the pieces together for a great end product. He’s incredibly detail-oriented with a trained eye for content creation and video production. We’re grateful to have him as such a seasoned resource.

Anne Wang
Data Privacy Program Manager

Thank you for all of the help, guidance, and expertise

Just want to sincerely thank you for all of the help, guidance, and expertise you have given MWE [Midwest Edge Dance Academy]. Your help could not have come at a more pivotal time. Your time, effort, and ideas that you brought to us reignited a flame and determination for our business. Although you may not know or see specifically all of what you have done for us, there are many things we have taken and are working we hope you will see in the years to come.

We truly appreciate your honesty, candor, and support for our studio. Our hope is to continue to utilize the tools and processes that you have imparted to us. We are forever grateful for your guidance. We have so much in store and to grow upon with our business, and we have you to thank for giving us a wake-up call and allowing us to see our potential. There are so many more avenues we wish to explore and do. Thank you again!

Michelle Murnen
Midwest Edge Dance Academy

Our video has enormous value for our brand

Flexicraft is a medium sized business in the industrial market, and we were interested in an informational video for our products. What we ended up with is a 15 minute video that not only communicates technical aspects of our products, but has enormous value for our brand. The quality of the video projects the image we need to communicate to our customers. And it’s a pleasure to watch, with great pacing and energy.

This is a direct result of the enthusiasm and skills of Mike and the Revolutionary Media Group team. And thanks to them, we had a good time making it. I’m looking forward to working together on our next project!

Paul Berg
Flexicraft Industries, Inc.

Strength in leadership and project management

I worked with Mike on a project to create an engaging training video to make it easier for clients to integrate with our product.

From start to finish Mike was truly amazing! He gave us great guidance on how to plan out the content of the video and set us up with his easy-to-use template. We wrote our script and provided some graphics and Mike was proactive and took full ownership from there.

Mike is super detail-oriented and worked side-by-side with us to create a polished product and iterated with us until we got everything just right. He went the extra mile striving for quality especially when it came to the audio.

Mike is a really considerate, communicative, likable guy making it easy to work together and get our vision for the project on the same page. His strength in leadership and project management made the process super easy for us and we could really rely on him and trust him to create a high quality product. I also learned a ton from him about video editing tools and technology along the way because of his teaching ability and patience for my many questions.

We had a really great experience working with Mike and are so happy with the finished product and had lot of fun along the way. Thanks Mike!

Adam Gabai
Software Engineer

Thanks for helping our payments products find their voice

Michael — you get the Sean Connery award for going really, really deep. You told me that you like to really understand the product and the business. I know that you’ve been doing that and using what you learn to provide insight and recommendations that go above and beyond what the verticals are asking of us. Thanks for helping our payments products find their voice.  Great job!

David Hoare
Head of Partner Tools and Insights

Recommended for complex and global projects

I worked with Mike on an global email campaign project spanning 10+ languages. The campaign was time-sensitive and confidential. Mike was the ideal partner – he hopped on a call with us, took complete ownership and acted as a trusted advisor. I would recommend Mike for any complex and global projects.

Angie Greene
Product Support Manager


I wanted to give a big THANK YOU for your attention and work on the <confidential project> welcome email campaign over the past month. You helped push along the test campaign, including getting proper approvals to run it, and then you provided timely support in creating the HTML of the “real” email. You explained the process to me (a first time user [of Google’s proprietary email platform]) and assisted in creating an email that serves our team’s needs.

I hope to work with you again in the future.

Peter Burke
Program Manager

An invaluable asset to our team

Mike has been an invaluable asset to our team. We gave him a medium-sized project which turned into a much larger, multi-quarter overhaul – Mike easily rolled with the punches and was able to keep things organized on on-schedule for us. Mike has excellent attention to detail, is very easy to work with, and is the definition of a team player, often taking on more than his fair share of work to ensure that projects get done smoothly and successfully. We are very lucky to have Mike on our team.

Elena Korn
Marketing Specialist

Decreased time-spent-in-workflow by 900%

Mike was instrumental in helping me with an initiative that decreased my [Google] team’s time spent in a workflow by over 900%. He was very proactive about moving the project forward and I felt at ease knowing that if there was something I didn’t see in the picture, Mike would catch it and make sure everything was done correctly. He also helped make sure the process was fully transitioned over to my team with all questions answered and offered to assist us further if we ever needed him. Mike was an absolute pleasure to work with and I think he is an extremely valuable asset to any team.

Grayson Hurd
Project Manager

Honest, reliable, and incredibly hardworking

It has been a delight to work with and learn from Mike during our time together at Google. He consistently brings energy and enthusiasm to every project he takes on and his passion for what he does is readily apparent. Large or small, Mike always dives headfirst into whatever he’s working on and consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that the results are superb. Whether he’s writing documentation to improve customer journeys/satisfaction, teaching the team about a new tool or technology to make our jobs easier, or communicating with stakeholders, his friendly, confident attitude shines through. I’ve gotten to know Mike and know that I (and the rest of our team!) can always rely on him to be honest, reliable and incredibly hardworking. Any company would be lucky to have him on its side!

Stephanie Keltner
Project Lead, Google gUP Content Team

Mentor who set the tone

The time spent at WLUP was a great experience. Out of those great experiences was the acquaintance I made with Mike Noonan. My view of Mike was that he was a mentor, and set an internal tone of a positive go get em’ additude a radio professional should have in any fixture of a well-organized establishment. Mike Noonan took the time to educate me during my internship and into employment at WLUP-FM. Words can’t describe enough of the value of Mike Noonan’s patience to usher in a new addition to the radio world. Mike Noonan is a great individual who works hard and puts a great amount of detail to his work and will be great addition to any company in any facet. Best to Mike in all his endeavors.

Carson Greene, Jr.
UAV Pilot

Great communicator with a positive attitude

I worked with Mike for several years at WLUP and his ever-present positive attitude always struck me. He’s a guy who loves radio so much that he was happily willing to work at WLUP on his “off” days from his other full-time job. He simply wanted to be on the air. And he did far more than just “show up” – he prepped every break with great care. Now that I don’t work at WLUP anymore I have the pleasure of hearing him on the air from a listeners’ standpoint and his show-prep really makes him shine above the others. Of course, his deep pipes don’t hurt, either. But he’s more than just a great voice – he is a great communicator.

Cara Carriveau

Top-notch work & extraordinary commitment

Mike Noonan’s work is top-notch. He is an expert in all aspects of video production. His attention to detail, communication style, and capabilities as a drone pilot, interviewer, and graphic designer all contribute to Mike being a fantastic storyteller.

I worked with Mike and Revolutionary Media Group on a project approximately seven months in the making. After our initial consultation, Mike helped to refine and plan how to tell the story. He made frequent trips to various areas of the community to take B-roll footage – even on some weekends. Also, Mike made collaboration simple with Dropbox, Vimeo, and was easy to reach via phone and email. Moreover, Mike has extraordinary voice-over skills, and he conducted interviews as part of the video with ease.

After we published the video, Mike went above and beyond by editing the full video into separate parts to post separately. His work ethic and commitment to the project are extraordinary. I thoroughly recommend Mike Noonan to anyone who could use video to help tell a story.

James Hoff
Village of Woodridge
Management Analyst

A vital asset with straight-shooting work ethic

Mike’s been the rock our email campaign workflow relied on for as long as I can remember. Working with Mike the past two years has been a pleasure from the initial ramp-up as his back-up to watching him guide the latest class of writers. He has the straight-shooting work ethic and drive to get things done that can be all too hard to come by – he owns his work from end-to-end, and if he doesn’t know how to do something, he’ll figure it out one way or another. Mike is going to be a vital asset to his next engagement.

Chris Parker
Senior writer

Legendary go-to guy

Legendary! I had the pleasure of working with Mike for two years at Google where he was our team’s go to guy for creating all types of email campaigns. He ensured that campaigns were configured within tight timeframes, provided editorial feedback, wrote the HTML, supervised the localization, scheduled deliveries, reported on metrics and ultimately ran point on project managing from start to finish. He was always extremely helpful and an all around awesome teammate to partner with. A number of the campaigns were rather technical to configure, but Mike always found a way to deliver! Thanks to Mike, we’ve been able to notify hundreds of thousands of partners and users of critical updates with ease! I’d highly recommend Mike for any role he feels ready to accept.

Mike Santillan
Partner Operations Manager

A Crucial Asset

I worked with Mike on over 10 global email campaigns, each critical to our team’s success. I was always impressed how responsive and flexible Mike was to our changes and yet somehow able to keep us on track. Each of these campaigns requiring legal approval, translation in over 15 languages and HTML email setup. We can attribute these successful launches to Mike’s knowledge of email marketing and attention to detail. I can confidently say Mike will be a crucial asset to any team he is on and I highly recommend him!

Amy Skinner
Partner Operations

Content management expertise on communications

I’d like to provide highest kudos and recommendation for Mike Noonan, who has helped us extensively on the Localization team over the last two years. He has provided content management expertise on communications, technical guidance on using various messaging distribution platforms, and valued stylistic advice. He is an excellent team player and collaborator – overall an absolute pleasure to work with and entirely dependable. We will miss him greatly!

Dominique Goldstein
Manager of Operational Excellence

Communications expertise, proactive, reliable

I worked closely with Mike in H2 2019 to develop and launch an internal communications campaign targeting ~3,000 internal stakeholders. This was a high priority project within my org, with visibility among senior leadership and strict deadlines. Mike was such a valuable partner: Proactive, communicative, reliable. I was able to share a high level vision and he executed seamlessly, bringing communications expertise to the project. I would not have been able to manage the large project successfully without his partnership.

Meredith Clark
Senior Program Manager