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Press & News Releases





Advertorial blog/article content for Events and Adventures

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Video, TV, Radio scripts

Script for video for the Village of Woodridge2017 State of Village
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Radio commercial scripts for Events and Adventures

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Email marketing – Copy, html design, and campaign management

Google B2B partner newsletter


Google B2C marketing emailSee the full rich media email


Events and Adventures member testimonial marketing email



Presentations and decks

 Internal training deck for Google
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Sales kit for Chicago’s Alternative, Q101

Q101_SalesKit_Pic-1024x782Download the Q101 Chicago Media Kit (design by Kyle Brauch)



Google external deck for card issuer executives and managers re: Android Pay Integration

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E-books and newsletters for sales funnels



See the free e-book that generated thousands of new customer leads for a healthcare client


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Support and technical documentation


External technical support documentation for Google transit partners

See this technical document excerpt


Pay for Issuers (technical web documentation):  In 2016, Mike Noonan’s first large-scale communications web project for Google entailed creating a whitelisted web resource to educate partners on the benefits and end-to-end process of integrating Google’s payment app into retail stores, e-commerce platforms, and apps.  The once-whitelisted content he created after hundreds of hours of SME interviews and by fusing thousands of pages of docs, decks, and images into one clear and concise source-of-truth is now accessible for programmatic integration by developers for SMBs.  Click to see his documentation:

See the full documentation


Pay for Merchants (technical web documentation meets marketing) :  In 2016, Google needed a content strategy to increase integration and lower support costs for its mobile payment platform, Android Pay, in emerging global markets. RMG Creative Director Mike Noonan created this plan that was a mix of technical integration information and nuanced marketing content that has done both AND helped Google showcase one product instead of 3 as it had previously.

This pitch deck:


The deck helped Google product managers see how their documentation could seamlessly coexist, compliment, and cross-sell each other for higher programmatic and direct partner integration rates, better sales symmetry, and lower support costs.

The resulting web deliverable Mike Noonan proposed and created was translated into dozens of languages and was instrumental in the product successfully launching into new European, South American, and Asian markets.  Today, it’s been rebranded, and is known globally as Google Pay.


Google Payments Center (technical web documentation):  In 2017, Google needed a content strategy and hierarchy to educate millions of its merchant partners about a new and improved version of the tool they use to accept product payments, check reports, and much more.  Mike Noonan worked with SMEs from product teams, marketing, legal, and engineering to synthesize hundreds of pages of source material into a clearly written, concise, organized, and complete web documentation that increased user product engagement and payment acceptance revenue while lowering support costs.   

See the full documentation copy doc that Mike used to build Google’s web support resource for merchants