RMG Reputation Management

Your Online Reputation is more important than ever in the age of reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, Glassdoor, Angie’s List, and dozens of other sites!

For more than a decade, RMG has been helping to improve the visibility, public and internal perception, and stature of small-to-mid-size companies and even celebrities who have needed to establish world-class status or rehab a distressed image.

Our 25 years in broadcast media have given us the tools, contacts, and nuanced acumen you need to forge an iron-clad public and media image, and our content marketing strategies will help push out the positive and push down and push out the negative that turns up about you via online searches!

Don’t let your competitors or a few disgruntled employees hold you hostage online!  Take control of your brand voice, your good name, and your reputation today with RMG!

Some of the tools of RMG’s Reputation Management System:

Public + Media Relations

Creative Content Curation

Employee Testimonial Incentivization

Digital + Broadcast Campaign Execution & Management

Engagement Strategies Via Social Media

Content:  RMG’s Content Creation and Curation Strategies and Services push positive info about and from you to create the search results and company image you seek!
Reviews:  RMG’s Incentivized Review and Testimonial Strategies from employees, clients, and partners put you in the light that will attract the talent and customers you want!
Media + Public Relations:  RMG’s quarter century in broadcast media for brands like CBS gives us the network and insights you need to craft your message through the channels that matter!

Let RMG Craft A Custom Plan For Your Reputation Management Needs!

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Orgs We've Helped...

One of the most creative that I’ve worked with...compelling content that sells….top-flight all the way...a great asset!

Donny Osmond, Legendary Entertainer

Paul Berg, President Flexicraft Industries

OUTSTANDING...a “creative Tour de Force”...the utmost professionalism...cutting edge creative...superior problem solving abilities...top-notch audio and visual creative!

Garrett Gray, Artist

HUGE, complex, and Hollywood....Blockbuster Broadway sound treatment!

Michelle Murnen, Director, Midwest Edge Dance Academy

A master story teller...pitch perfect visual and aural elements...Creative genius...Web, sound, video, email marketing, business plans…my go-to source for anything creative or business-oriented!

Justin Fiore, Publisher, Explore Integrative Health Journal

Try The Sampler, Won’t You?

Image Video

for the Vancouver office of the international events company, Events & Adventures

Image Video

Sales Video

for global piping solutions manufacturer, Flexicraft

Promo Video

promoting Revolutionary Media Group’s YouTube+Facebook Video Marketing for Small Business

Image Video

for international events company, Events & Adventures

Promo Video

Chicago radio show, Jones and Mike

Promo Video

for Events and Adventures

Promotional Video

for Perfect Business Partners

Promo Video

“Experts Wanted”, for Revolutionary Media Group

Concept Video

for NapervillesBest.com

Promo  Video

for Save The Loop, asking ordinary Chicagoans to raise the investment capital to purchase WLUP Radio.

Landing Page

for Revolution Omega daily dietary supplement



Website, Video & Audio Production, Email Marketing, E-commerce

for Perfect Business Partners



Website, Email Marketing, E-commerce Integration, Directory, Copy Writing

for HealthFreedomNetwork.com




Website, Email Marketing, E-commerce Integration and Management, & Copy Writing

for MammogramFacts.com



Website, E-commerce, Flipping Book Reader IntegrationCLM_JE_Sample_SS

for peer-review Health Journal & B2B membership community (with interactive archives), Explore!



for Pacific Rim Omega daily dietary supplement




Subscription Newsletter for The Health Freedom Network


E-book & Sales Funnel

E-book creation for sales funnel at Mammofacts.com (est. delivery date, 10/16)



Ebook & Sales Funnel

for Biological Health Institute, Nevada City, CA



Flipping Book Publishing

for  Explore! Journal for Health Practitioners and Health Conscious Consumers



Sales Kit For Chicago’s Alternative, Q101



for Revolution Omega