In order to more fully understand your project requirements, please share as much information as you can with us below.  We will review, evaluate, and be in touch with you shortly to give have a more detailed conversation about your project based on your responses.  Thanks!


    Example: One shoot at your office where we will interview personnel and shoot interiors and exteriors, and one shoot at a customer's facility to get his/her testimonial about your business = 2 locations
  • If possible, provide addresses, or general info about your projected or desired shoot locations.
    Example: If we shoot at 2 locations but one location requires us to light and mic two different offices for interviews, that's a total of 4 set ups. Setups refer to setting up lighting and sound in one (1) controlled and static area. Gathering B-roll footage of exteriors, office interiors, etc. are considered to be included in one (1) set up at a location. For the most part, most shoots at one location will require only one (1) set up.
  • If you have assets in a Dropbox account or Google drive, please give "view" access to now, and "edit" access after we're contracted. Thanks!